the night in the container for safety purposes. Everyone received a pack of food that
contained a sandwich, some fruit, juice and their favourite sweets. John smiled when he
felt around and discovered a peanut brittle bar in his pack, he knew what it was
immediately and it was by far his most favourite
thing in the world, the smell
immediately lifted his spirits. When he had finished eating the team leader came and sat
next to John.
"You did great kid, really really great. If you hadn't taken the shortcut we would have
been toast, thank you," he said putting his hand on John's shoulder. John felt the
connection immediately. He had been on the island with them and although was not in
their group, worked closely with Kayla and the others. He was much older, in his early
twenties. John would have looked up at the man could he have seen his face, but he
kept still and smiled.
"It is you I should be thanking, you guys risked your lives for us and you have saved our
lives by being so well prepared and organised. How in the blazers did you get this
container here?" John replied.
"That was someone else, the big equipment, all of it, was waiting for us when we got
here. We only arrived with the equipment we could carry. We came in by chopper and
found all the stuff here, and it had been here for a while by the looks of it. We've been
cleaning the dust off waiting for you lot. Anyway we will have plenty of time to marvel
at the amazing Pelican plan later, right now you need to get word to your brother you
are okay, have a quick chat with Kayla and have your eyes checked out by Michelle, our
resident doctor," it was more of an instruction than anything else.
In all the excitement John forgot about his brother. He nodded and said he would be
ready for Michelle in ten minutes. John was not looking forward to hearing what was
wrong with his eyes. He started to get a sinking feeling about the temporary nature of