his blindness. Before he could even touch his cowry bracelet Kayla appeared in his head
and was beaming her big Pelican smile from ear to ear.
"Bless you my child, you have done us all so proud," she was so happy it made John
smile too.
"It was nothing really," he replied humbly.
"Tell that to all the kids you helped save, I am sure they think it was more than nothing,"
she said in her school teacher tone.
suppose you are right ma'am," he replied cheekily.
"Well at least your personality has survived," she laughed.
"How much damage?" he asked before he could stop himself. There was a pause that
spoke volumes.
"That is not your concern right now child, just see to it that you chat with your brother
and get your eyes tested, oh, and tell Zig I say hello," Kayla said and then immediately
dialled out. John hated it when she did that but he also sensed she was busy with
something else so he did not risk calling back to her.
"Is there something you would like to tell me Zig?" John asked his gecko friend.
"Funny story really, um, I wasn't where I was by accident. I had been in conversation
with your beloved Kayla a few times before we met and she asked if I would be on
standby just in case something went wrong. Lucky I was where I was because something
did go wrong," he said.