"Do you mean you lot knew this would happen all along in the way it did," John shot
tone changed immediately. "Now you and I both know that is not true boy. We
received instruction to be on standby. We had no specifics, Mother Nature only guides
us when we let her. To know everything gives you the ability to stop what must happen
from happening. Do not be so insolent in your anger to think we have harmed all of you
on purpose. The mere fact I was where I was when you came crashing into my life was
because of a series of events that pushed me in that direction. Trust me, had we known
this is what would have happened and how, we would have been there with pillows and
a catch net," he was quite forceful in his way and it immediately snapped John back to
"Apologies my friend, I know, I know, I am just still a little shaken by the whole thing. I
am very grateful that you and Kayla managed to have a backup plan in place, without it
we would have been doomed. You saved our lives Zig," John apologised.
"I know, and don't you forget it," he laughed. "Now get hold of your brother, it's
Zig crawled back into the comfort of Johns pocket and John focused his energy string to
find his brother. It took a lot less effort than anticipated to find him, it was as if he was
right round the corner.
PART 2 Chapter 18:
Phil was sleeping soundly when the first shaking within the massive cavern took place.
Dust from the roof dropped down onto his face and he woke up with real sand in his
eyes. There was a flutter of movement to his left as a group of moles shot past him. He
grabbed one of them and asked what happened. The noise level started to rise and it