was difficult for him to hear. There had been a massive earthquake above ground
apparently and it was filtering down to where they were, the moles were looking for an
escape route in fear of
a collapse.
Phil grabbed his stuff and sprinted to the middle of the cavern where the crocodiles
were gathered. He quickly issued instruction for them to pass on a message to get each
group to gather as they had been and get ready to move out, the moles
were looking for
a way out and when they found it he wanted to be ready to move. Within a matter of
minutes there was pandemonium in the cavern. Phil found three moles who were
assisting the groups to form and asked them if there had been any news on a way out
yet, they all three pointed him to a group of moles in the corner who were in the middle
of an animated conversation. He made his way over to them.
"Any news on a way out?" he asked.
They stopped talking and looked at him. Then they quickly conferred with each other
and one of them spoke. "Yes. There is a way out but we are confused," he said.
"About what?" Phil asked.
"Well, we thought we were still in the vicinity of the fires, but it seems we have travelled
a very long way and we cannot understand how this is so. According to one of our
brethren we have joined a series of caves and pathways that will lead us to the great
river," came the reply.
Phil immediately saw this as good news, he didn't need an explanation, just a way out.
The expression
on the faces of the moles told a different story though. "What is it, this is
good new is it not?" he asked.