humming coming from Kayla as well. I felt so connected to everyone and everything
around me. I was experiencing for the first time that which my father had always taught
me, that everything is connected, all people, places and things. I heard him say it and
teach it to me many times, but never had I experienced it as I did right now. I thought I
knew, but I had no idea, until now.
In my content state of peace I turned my focus back to the choir, a single Pelican
stepped forward gracefully and tilted her head back. She opened her beak and began to
sing the most unbelievably beautiful song. At first I could not make out the language but
soon realised it did not matter. As I gazed at her I fell into her rising and lowering tones,
the sweet vibrations filing the air and filtering to my ears. The sound entered my head
and went straight to my heart and eyes, I was crying openly and without any apology or
feelings of shame or guilt.
All of us were crying at the immense beauty in front of us. My gaze remained captured
on this spectacular Pelican and the more I stared the more my eyes began
to settle and
almost fall into a rhythm that they had never experienced before. They were seeing
properly for the first time. I started to see the disturbance of the air as it came out of
her mouth. I could see the energy flow all around as it escaped. The further out it
reached the bigger it became, like a big fireball and the air was its fuel.
The energy travelled elegantly through and around everything, wrapping us all up in a
cocoon of shimmering light. It was just that, light, pure light that was flowing into and
through all of us and it was being amplified by this magnificent Pelican and the choir
behind her. I started to see the light as it came out of the choir in the background. At
first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but I soon realised that was just my
mind trying to make sense of something it should not be making sense of because it
already made sense.