"Ordinarily yes, but as you can feel, the land is angry and the shaking is violent. Staying
down here is not safe because according to him," he gestured to a mole next to him,
"we are directly under the big running water and if the earth breaks the water will get
us." Phil now knew what they were so animated about in their discussion. He stood
silent for a moment in thought.
"Is there a safe way out for all of us, yes or no?" he asked.
"Can you lead us all out now?" he asked his second question.
"Do we have enough time?" he asked his final question.
"Then we better get moving then, take the small group out now, I will join
you with the
others. Let's hope we can get out of here safely," Phil ordered. The moles just starred at
"Now!!!!!" he shouted. This shook the moles from their blank state and into frenzied
action. They barked orders at each other and at the three groups and within minutes
everyone was ready to go. They moved of at a rapid pace which quickly slowed down as
they got to the first narrow path which caused a bottle neck. This worked to their
advantage, it naturally spread the groups out and even more so the small animals went