Phil was astounded at the steepness of the climb they had to endure. This coupled with
the violent tremors above them added to the anxiety he was already feeling. According
to the moles they had less than an hour to get up high enough to be safely away from
the water and then a further hour away from a potential exit cave, provided none of the
walls caved in on their way up. Phil had to assist various animals on several occasions to
get their footing and climb up the steep paths. The fire flies were assisted by the purple
tinge of amethyst in the cave walls, it was everywhere and large veins of if trailed off
ahead of them. Phil noticed that with each tremor the glow from the amethyst grew
brighter for a moment and then went back to its normal state.
An hour passed by without much incident, only a few small creatures perished in the
rush and were quickly taken up by the rest of the herd. Phil was happy that they had
managed to escape the potential of the water threat. They stopped in a wide section of
the path for a few moments as the moles checked they were still on track. That was
when they heard the rush of millions and millions of litres of water coming from behind
them. Phil also panicked a little but was brought back to reality by a screaming mole
that made it clear that the water was rushing in from a side tunnel behind them and
gravity would take it down, not up. This did not protect them from the fact that the
force could quite easily cause a massive cave in, they had to keep moving.
They kept on the rough terrain for another forty minutes when the herd came to a stop.
Phil was glad because the exertion of the steep climbing exhausted him completely. He
pushed his way up to the front of the herd which was quite big and getting past some of
the animals made him long for the clean moment he had in the coolness of the big lake
in the cavern. At the front of the herd he was met with a large wall of rock, a cave-in had
occurred and they were on the wrong side of it. A few rats and some snakes reported
that there was a small opening at the top where the small creatures could get through,
the rest of them would have to start moving rocks if they wanted to get through.