The worst of the tremors had stopped twenty minutes earlier and all they we
experiencing now were after shocks. Phil checked with the moles if there was an exit on
the other side of the wall that would lead them to fresh air and sunshine. The response
was yes, there was sunshine and fresh air on the other side of the
fallen rocks.
Phil ordered the small animals to follow the moles who would take them to safety. He
also ordered them to remain in the space behind the cave-in until everyone was through,
there was to be no leaving the herd until he said so. They agreed and set off through the
small space at the top of the pile of fallen rocks.
Phil then order the animals to start changing places so that the big strong animals could
come to the front and start helping move the rubble one rock at a time. The whole
operation took a couple of hours. They had managed to make a hole big enough for the
mediums sized herd members to move through. This freed up a lot of space where they
were and made it easier to work. The rush of fresh air that was coming through also
made it easier to carry on. Within another hour the last foal squeezed through the
opening they had made and scrambled into the cave on the other side.
Phil grabbed his stuff and also pushed his way through to the cave mouth. He was taken
aback by the beauty of the clear sky and fresh air flooding in through the mouth of the
cave. All the animals had gathered and were looking at him expectantly. He did not give
any orders for the herd to disperse, instead he gave orders to make sure they all stuck
together for now, well at least until he made sense of the huge container that was to his
left and was bolted down into the rock with a series of cables and industrial springs.
They all moved off to sections in the cave that they felt comfortable in,
there was
enough space for all of them. A lot of them just hung around the opening, treading the
edge, waiting for the go ahead to disperse. Phil wondered around the huge container
contemplating his next move. After a few minutes of nervous thought he decided to