bang on it to see if there would be any response from the inside. He walked round to
the front and climbed the stairs to the steel double doors and slammed his closed fist
three times on the door. The sound reverberated through the entire cave and scared
some of the animals, it even scared him a little.
There was a nervous few moments before a loud bang from the inside answered him
back, also three bangs, a pause and then two and then one. Phil creased his brow. It
couldn't be. It was just a coincidence that it was the same response his brother always
gave him when they knocked on the croc-watch roof back home. He banged again and
again the answer came back. Then he shouted through the door. "That better not be
you bro, if it is, you can book me a room at the mental hospital right away."
A muffled response came through, "okay, we'll get on it right away." It was John’s voice.
All Phil could do was smile. He backed away from the metal doors and waited anxiously
as they slowly creaked open. There, standing in the doorway with bandages over his
eyes, a tall boy standing next to him and a small red and yellow gecko on his left
shoulder was his brother. "I am glad I don't have my sight, I would hate to see what you
look like, but if the smell is anything to go by.........."
"It's good to see you to," Phil said as he bounded up the stairs and embraced his brother.
Over his shoulder he saw the scene inside the container a series of puzzled and
frightened eyes were looking closely at him.
"I suppose we better swap stories then hey?" John said, "there should be a space near
the entrance where we can go sit, I take it all the animals are here with you?"
"Most of them anyway, some turned themselves into food if you know what I mean," he