"I see, Michael," he addressed the tall boy next to him, "maybe it would be best if you
all waited here for a moment while my brother and I catch up, when it's safe to come
out we will call you." Michael nodded and went back into the container and closed the
doors behind him. Phil led John to the area at the cave mouth where they could sit and
chat. He told the moles that they will have an answer for the herd in a few minutes and
all the animals were to hang on until then.
The brothers made themselves comfortable and over the space of fifteen minutes
caught up on what had happened since they last spoke. They were in awe of each other
and themselves by the end of the conversation as they realised what they had been
through. When they were done Kayla joined them.
"You two have done us so proud, you have performed magnificently and you have
completed your tasks wonderfully. What is left now is for the herd to descend from the
cave mouth down into the valley. A natural perimeter that was carved from the quakes
will keep the ones we need all together.
They are a special bunch and their purpose is, I am afraid, even beyond me, but what I
do know is that some of them will be accessed at different intervals from now on by our
researchers. Go ahead and give them the order to disperse Phil," she instructed. He
motioned to the moles who had been edging closer and closer to the two boys with
each word they spoke.
"Peculiar lot you have there bro," said John. "I can sense their childlike characteristics,
you must have had a field day with them, or was it the other way round?" he added.
"You have no idea, no idea at all," he replied. Phil gave the order for the herd to
disperse and no sooner had the moles spread the news, were the animals out like a shot.