Many of them stopped
to acknowledge Phil and his efforts in saving them, but before he
could reply they were gone. The crocodiles were the last to leave.
"You have done well boy, we give you our respect. If we meet again make sure you
engage us before we try to eat you," their leader said, and with a flick of the tail he
turned and sped down the hillside. All the rest of the animals made way for them as the
natural order of things returned. "So tell me," Phil said turning to his brother, "what did
the doc say about your eyesight, and what's with the gecko?" There was a brief pause
then John stood up.
"This is Zig," John said proudly, "he saved my life. Why don't you two get acquainted
while you let the group out of the container, Zig can tell you about my eyes." Zig jumped
onto Phil's knee and climbed onto his shoulder. They walked over to the container.
"Nice to meet you," Zig said as they walked.
"And you little friend, thank you for looking after my brother," Phil replied.
"No problems, looks like I will be around for a while, the doctor said his eyesight might
be permanently gone," Zig said with sadness.
"I guessed as much, I could sense it the minute I opened the door," Phil said. They
reached the container and opened the
metal doors. Phil gave word that it was safe. He
didn't even wait to usher them out, he just turned around and headed back to his
brother who was sitting with his face in the sun, like he was bathing in it. The group had
exited behind him and the extraction team were setting up with military precision
whatever it was that was supposed to happen next to get them all out of there. He took
his seat next to his brother.