"Should we give Kim and Matthew a call," John asked as his brother sat.
"You know, I was
just thinking the exact same thing," he replied and closed his eyes.
PART 2 Chapter 19:
Kim was sitting cross legged on her bed in her pyjamas practicing focusing on her own
energy string when she received a ping from the twins. Her heart jumped as she latched
on in excitement. It was within a few seconds and she felt Matthew join in. She had
been waiting for so long for an update or even just a plain message that they were okay.
In her excitement she completely overlooked the fact that she latched onto their energy
strings without effort.
"Where have you two been!" she exclaimed excitedly.
"We have been waiting for ages for an update, are you guys okay?" asked a concerned
"We are fine thank you very much," came the friendly voice of John, "we just popped in
to play a quick catch up and then we were going to get back to whatever we have to do,
so you two better not ask too many questions okay?"
"Okay," said Kim and Matthew at the same time.
"Boy it's good to hear your voices again, we've really missed you," said Phil. "You ready
to hear a neat little story quick quick?" he asked in his usual cheeky tone.
"Oh just get on with it," Matthew said irritatedly. The twins both told their stories in
abbreviated fashion and within a few minutes they had both Matthew and Kim nearly
holding their breath as each word was spoken. When it was all over there was a sense of