relief amongst the four friends but also a sense of anxiety as Kim and Matthew knew
they still had to complete their own tasks and they were worried about John's eyesight.
He sensed their concern.
"About that, yeah, the doctor says that they won't know until I get to see a specialist,
but for now it looks like Zig will be my eyes," he told them.
"The extraction team are trying to get our attention so I am afraid we need to cut this
short. We just wanted to let you know we were okay and that we managed to complete
our tasks. Take care and keep in touch," Phil said as he prepared to pull his energy back.
"And good luck with your own tasks, hell, if we can do it then you two should breeze
through it," John said. The twins pulled their energy back, leaving just Kim and Matthew
dialled in to each other. There was a brief moment of silence and then Kim spoke.
"Sounds like the two of them enjoyed it quite a bit don't you think?" she said to
"Sounds like it," he agreed, "also sounds like they had it rough and the whole thing is
difficult as we probably think." She knew what he was driving at, she could always tell
with Matthew. Her feelings for him were so strong but she had to keep them at bay, at
least until this was all over, and even then who knew if them being together was such a
good idea. She knew it was what she wanted though and it wouldn't matter how much
time passed, she knew that it would never change.
"I know what you are going to say Matt, and yes, I promise to be careful, but remember,
we have a job to do and that requires us to be in harms way, best you deal with it now.
Put your game face on love," her way may have seemed harsh, but she loved playing it
with him.