The snow that fell outside was out of character. Everyone they knew was just writing it
off to bizarre weather patterns. They said the same thing happened in the seventies.
Some of them even enjoyed the out of season weather. Kim couldn't help but feel that it
was going to play some part in what she needed to do. In fact she knew it would, she
sensed it. There was a lot more at stake than people thought, her Dad had said. He was
busy getting ready for something as well. He had a meeting scheduled with the local
council, they had agreed to see him on the grounds of his town planning background. He
had said it was just a way to get his foot in the door, once he was there they would
listen to what he had to say. Kim knew better than to ask, but she knew that whatever
was going to happen would be part of what her Dad would be doing.
He had given her a backpack of supplies earlier that evening. She had not gone through
it yet. She was holding her rail pass in her hands. He had given her strict instructions to
be on the 9:15 to Waterloo station. It would take her through the South of London into
Central London over a period of fifteen minutes. Once at Waterloo she was to open the
envelope in the front pouch of the bag and follow the instructions carefully and to the t.
He told her that the black envelope came straight from Kayla and she was to not under
any circumstances open it before she got to the station.
Kim lifted the bag off the chair against the wall and walked back over to the bed, the
floor creaking and thudding softly under her weight. She tried to make sure she didn't
disturb her sleeping father, but it was near impossible in the house they were in,
everything creaked and moaned. She was glad they spent a lot of time away from here.
She wasn’t particularly fond of the cold either. Not because she felt it more intensely,
fact for the opposite reason, she didn't feel the cold as intensely as most people and for
that reason she had over the past years ended up overexposing herself on many
occasions and paying the price for it with colds and flu and on one occasion pneumonia.