I started to see
colour in the light now, shades of blue and green filtering through
everywhere. At first it was very faint but then it became more discernable and easy to
see. “Your eyes are adjusting well young Matthew, you too Kim. Just let it be, this is your
first lesson, never forget it” Kayla smiled at us as she swayed to the Godly music. There
was a bright yellow glow around her and the colours from the music blended in with her
natural yellow glow and made it even brighter. Kim had a pink glow to her and Dad and
George were both emerald green. I could not see mine directly but I felt the colour blue
very strongly and knew it had to be that, no doubt.
“Pay attention to the tune my child” said Kayla, “if you ever want to see what emotional
state anything is in very
quickly, just find the tune. You can see their colour without it
but this way is much faster, in our line of work speed is of the essence.”
I paid attention, I did not want to ever be without this gift of sight and sound again I
decided, for whatever reason it felt like the most important thing in my life. No
problems seemed to exist that could not be overcome as I listened to the tune. I realised
that the tune itself carried a confidence with it, the kind that will come through no
matter who was singing or humming it. And with this understanding it hit me, I had
heard this tune before. Dad was always humming it around the house and around us,
especially when things were a bit tense or there was a fight. I had never paid attention
to it, I could not understand this, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard yet
when I had heard it come from Dad it sounded ordinary, even annoying at times.
Dad must have sensed what was going through my mind as he leant forward and winked
at me. I looked back with that puzzled look on my face. “You always hum this but I never
liked it, why?” I asked him quietly. Kim was listening.
“You were not listening like you are now. You have been through so much today that
has freed you. You will see and hear what is real from now on” he said. Dad gave me