She sat on the bed and went through the items in the bag. It was a small bag and there
wasn’t much in it. What was in it confirmed that she would be spending some time in
the cold in the near future, and not just her. There were seven parcels inside,
each with
a label on saying "space blanket". She had heard of these, they kept you warm in
extreme cold and made you look like you were covered in tinfoil. Along with the space
blankets were seven parcels of protein bars and peanuts. Right at the bottom was a
bottle of surgical spirits and some cotton wool. She closed the bag up. There were some
torches and batteries inside as well but she didn't want to focus on what was in the bag,
it just made her more anxious. At least she knew it would be in the cold,
and that she
could handle, at least in the short term. She put the bag down next to the bed and got
under the covers. It felt good to snuggle into a warm cocoon and she was very grateful
for this small luxury. Kim had always carried with her a great amount of gratitude for all
the things in her life, no matter how small.
Her sleep was deep and felt very long. When she woke up the next morning it was still
pitch black outside giving the impression it was still night time. It was six-o-clock. Kim lay
in her
bed for half an hour staring at the ceiling which lit up with her very dim bedside
lamp. Today was the day that her task started. She closed her eyes and focused inwards
on her own energy string. After a few moments she located her tune and listened
intently to it, gathering up as much courage and inner strength as she possibly could.
She was literally buzzing with energy by the time she was up and dressed but it didn't
help much with her nerves. She went down stairs into the kitchen and found a note on
the small kitchen table from her Dad. It was nestled inbetween a ham croissant and a
glass of orange juice, Kim's favourite breakfast.
She sat down at the table and read the note.
'My sweet darling girl, I have had to leave early to avoid all the human traffic. I have a
long day ahead of me and so do you. I wish I knew what was going to happen, but I don't.