It kills me, but nonetheless this is our path. Please be safe my dear, I trust you and I know
you will use your gifts to do what needs to be done. I will be at the council today, I have
some meetings that I have to facilitate, they seem very odd and out of place but I am
sure they will make sense in time. I love you forever Kim. See you later my muse, see you
He placed a smiley face at the end of
the note that made her smile. She ate her
breakfast and read the note again. She wasn't hungry but she knew better than not to
eat when she had no idea what the day had planned for her. When she was done she
cleaned up and did a quick check. She stood at the front door holding her rail pass firmly
in her hand. It was about five hundred metres down the road to get to the North
Chesington station. It was ten to nine. She wanted to time it perfectly so she didn't have
to stand in the cold for no reason. She eased the door open. She still wasn't prepared
for the intensity of the cold as it ripped open the door and engulfed her. Kim tightened
the hoody around her face and locked the door behind her.
The walk down to the station was quick and painfully cold. The wind swept at her so
much, almost as if it was purposefully looking for a way to get through her clothes and
into her bones. Her head was firmly focused on the ground as she stood with her back
against the wall of the platform building. The white walls seemed to absorb the cold and
radiate it around the entire station. The waiting room that was track level was packed
full of young school kids who were obviously on their way to Central London for a tour
of sorts. They sure picked a crappy day to be on the train.
The train rolled into the station precisely on time. It wasn't making its usual racket, it
was a lot quieter today. Kim wondered if the severe cold had not eaten the sound of the
train. It seemed alive and able to do that. The kids rushed into the middle carriage, a
few passengers who obviously didn't want to be in the chaos of twenty or so kids moved
to the other cabins. Kim preferred the children and the prospect of more body heat, so