she joined them. She had travelled this train many times and knew there would be more
than enough seats for everyone. Within minutes everyone wasonboard and the train
moved on. Even inside it was a lot quieter than usual. Kim found her seat behind a group
of three giggling girls. No one sat next to her so she had the
entire three seater to
herself. The entire class was in front of her. She could hear their excitement and she
could feel the energy in the room. It made her smile as she settled in for their fifteen
minute journey into Waterloo station.
The kids were excited, even Kim was excited, being a kid herself. However she had
grown up nearly overnight on the island in Mozambique. Every now and then she would
catch herself contemplating things that normal children had no business contemplating.
She was not a normal child though, none of them were. She was contemplating such
things when the carriage started to shake alarmingly. The vibrations sent a wave of
terror through the everyone at the speed of light, every single person felt it intensely.
The children all took their seats under the shouts of their teacher who was bumping
between seats as the carriage started to buck. Somewhere behind Kim there was the
sound of metal scraping on metal and it was getting louder.
Kim grabbed hold of the seat in front of her, her fingers dug into the fabric and she felt
her lungs start to fill up with oxygen as she prepared to tense ever muscle in her body
and brace for an impact of some kind. The teacher heard the scraping too and shouted
for the children to hold on as tight as possible and brace themselves. They listened but
Kim felt their terror. All this happened in the blink of an eye. The train was rocking,
vibrating and swaying violently. The children started to scream. The metal sound caught
up to their cabin. The train rocked off the track and slid at an angle off the track and
barrelled along into a wall at an angle and flipped onto its side and showed very little
signs of stopping.