Kim saw small bodies fly from their seats onto the side wall that was now the floor of
the train as it was screeching along on its side. It all happened so fast but it seemed as if
everything happen in super slow motion. Kim saw the teacher slam into the metal
support of one of the seats head first. She knew instantly that she was dead. Kim also
knew that as they were so soon into their journey they were somewhere near Clapham
Junction. Some of the kids managed to get into an upright position and find some
support. Most of them were bouncing frantically in a heap on the new floor of the
All the kids appeared to be conscious but some of them were beaten up pretty
Finally Kim felt the carriage start to slow. The back was moving around and it swung so
that the carriage was now moving along sideways. Just before it came to a complete
stop the momentum rolled the carriage back to the upright position. Everyone fell back
onto the seats and isles, a few of them landed badly and added to their already bruised
bodies. The screams were still there but were turning into sobs and moans. Shock was
going to set in soon. Kim landed on the exact same chair she was in when she got on the
train. She looked at the end in front of her and at the door behind her, the entire
carriage had pulled apart at both ends and was completely on its own somewhere
South London in the country's worst snow storm of the century.
The windows on either side were letting in the extreme cold from outside which was
going to make things really bad for them soon. She could feel the fear take over and the
shock start to pulsate through all the children. She took stock of the energies and found
all the children were alive. Kim took stock of her own body and barring a bruised rib
cage she was quite lucky. In fact, the more she looked around, the more she realised
just how lucky they all were. She knew this was her task, it had begun. She knew she
had to protect these children.