Sixteen of the children were girls and four were boys and were the youngest of all of
them, they seemed to be the worst off. The atmosphere in the cabin was panic and
shock. Kim knew what she had to do before it got out of control. She moved right to the
back of the cabin and sat down rather gingerly on a seat that had seen better days. She
sat on her hands, flat against the seat and closed her eyes. It took her a couple of
seconds to find her own energy string and she followed it straight into her core
searching for her tune. The intensity of the situation had helped her focus and she found
her tune in seconds, it was strong and ready as it had been for a while now in anxious
preparation for this very moment. With intent and impressive focus Kim used her tune
to power up every cell of her body, she knew that she would need a lot of power to
sustain what she was about to do, especially since the cold was
coming in and would eat
up everything in its path.
Confident that she had enough to start she set her intent to change the energy in the
room and to influence the energy of those around her so that the shaken up children
would be able to remain calm and safe until help arrived. On that note she sent out a
ping to Kayla about what was going on and that help was needed, the answer she got
was not what she wanted to hear. Kayla's voice sounded inside her head.
"I know my child, we have seen what has happened, and it is along the whole section of
the railway where you are. The information we received was very limited, but now we
have received more and it seems that the weather has turned worse and you are going
to be completely snowed in for a while to come. We have sent word as to your location
but no one can get to you and there is no chance of air support. You are going to have to
use every bit of ability you have my child to keep it together, it is imperative that you
do," there was an edge to her voice that worried her.
"What is it?" Kim asked. Kayla paused and then answered.