"The children in that carriage are from the Kirby School for the Gifted, you need to keep
them safe," Kim couldn't have asked for a more straight forward answer.
"Right you are then," she said, "just make sure you get someone out here as soon as you
can, until then you can count on me." Kim put her focus back onto her intent regarding
the atmosphere in the cabin as Kayla pulled back. The kids were crying harder now and
one of the boys was started to scream uncontrollably because he had seen their teacher
lying motionless on the floor with blood coming out of her ears and nose. Kim had to
work quickly.
She pushed out her energy, this was the first time she was using her skill with purpose
and the fact that it was important and needed to work placed some pressure on her.
She tried to focus but the more she tried to force it to work the more erratic it became.
Remembering her time on the island she knew to calm down and not force anything.
She relaxed her tension completely and pushed her energy out again, slower and
focused without any thoughts of doom and gloom. She knew what she was capable of,
she knew she was good and she knew it would work. Within a couple of minutes the
effects were visible. The children were difficult to work with
and she couldn't control
them in any way against their will. Her esoteric hypnosis found its way though and the
children allowed themselves to succumb to suggestion that was safe.
They all began to move towards the centre isle in the middle where two rows of seats
dislodged. There they sat together leaning against each other and holding hands. They
were calm and static which was what Kim needed. She then turned her attention to the
two boys who were banged up pretty badly. They were lying on the floor with their
heads in the laps of two of their classmates with the others comforting them. They were
the only ones who needed help, all the other injuries were minor in nature. She focused
her energy on the two boys to help them with the pain, she was not able
to heal them,
but she helped them with a natural energy rhythm that was an excellent painkiller. She