didn't know how she did it, but she was grateful that she did. It took her about an half
an hour to get it all set up so that she could sustain it and move around and do some
physical work. It was getting colder and colder.
In the forty five minutes since the horrible accident the carriage had become bitterly
cold and she needed do some repair work to the windows and get the two boys covered
in space blankets. She moved around and covered them and then used the remaining
ones to cover up the windows. The duct tape in the bag proved very useful to hold the
light weight material in place. It made an immediate difference. Kim searched
throughout the cabin and found a series of light travelling blankets in an overhead near
the back of the carraige. There were enough for each of the children and one for Kim
which she wrapped around her shoulders. She could feel from the physical exertion that
she had lost some of
her energy r. She made her way back to her seat to settle in and
maintain the field.
As she sat she felt a ping coming from a familiar energy, it was one of the others from
their group back on the island.
"Kim, Kim? Are you there? Can you hear me?" asked the voice.
"Yes I am, is this Michelle?" she asked back.
"It is indeed, I am here as part of the extraction team, can you feel the rest of us?"
Michelle shot back in a hurried tone. Kim had completely forgotten that the whole
group on the island was constantly connected. It was the fact that she had become so
used to the tune of the group that she didn't even notice it anymore. She felt slightly
embarrassed and paid attention to the group’s chord. There were a number of people
from their group and a large number from other groups that were floating in and out of
range, there was a lot of activity now that she noticed it.