"We have a ton of extractions to do, the carnage is worse than we could ever have
imagined, it's going to take us a while to get to you but we know where you are and how
important it is, we spoke to Kayla, so just hang in there okay?"
"Okay, I will do my best," was all Kim could say back as they pulled away from each
other. It still left her wondering how she was going to get through this event while the
cold sucked at the energy of her and the children, draining them more and more with
each passing minute. Kim sat cross legged on the seat with her back straight up against
the back support and the blanket over her legs. She closed her eyes and focused on
maintaining the atmosphere in the cabin, she needed to get the children to slip into a
wave of consciousness similar to sleep so that they could let go of their focus on the
pain and trauma of what had happened. The only thing is she had
no idea how to do it.
She sat for an hour in the position she started in but her legs started to cramp and she
was losing focus and lapsing in concentration. On top of this she had a knowing deep
inside her that to let the children out of her grasp would lead to complete chaos and
irreparable trauma for them.
She also had a knowing that she needed to get them to a deeper level of consciousness
which needed them to be warm which at the moment was proving to be a challenge on
its own as the flimsy blankets were proving to be as effective as paper towels. She
needed help and she needed it fast otherwise the panic would regain control and all the
energy would rush out the cabin and the children would succumb to hypothermia. She
stood up to stretch her legs and
noticed some of the children were starting to cry again,
ever so slightly but nonetheless they were crying which meant she was losing control. It
was midday and freezing, even Kim started to lose a little hope. She caught herself in
time, if she went there then there would be no hope for any of them, she pulled herself
back quickly and gave an extra push towards the group. The effort nearly pushed her