flat on the floor. She dialled into her tune to get more energy but it was difficult with
the cold against
them, even she was feeling it, which was not good news.
Kim remembered their time with Robert back on the island and knew she needed to
access the knowledge around her somehow. She set the intent of the questions and set
out to look for an energy source that she could access. As her intent mixed with her own
tune and the efforts with the group in the carriage she noticed a silver mist rising
around her. It was difficult to see, which threw her off a bit, so she closed her eyes and
looked with her energy string instead. She asked her question, "how do I get us all warm
so I can comfort them until help arrives?"
The answer didn't take long at all. There was a silvery white shimmering light that
entered into Kim's vision through her closed eyes and in it she
felt more than heard the
words as they clearly and concisely instructed her.
'What you ask cannot be answered as simply as you would have it. Warmth takes on
many forms yet your mind allows only one way for you to see, it allows only one
parameter for all your solutions. Body heat may work for a while but it will wear out
eventually and it is not sustainable over long periods, you require a better solution. The
way you know also eats a lot of energy and is not an efficient way of keeping warm. To
warm yourself from the outside alone is a long process, but it is useful in maintaining the
circulation of warmth. What must happen with your outside physical attempts at
warmth is that you need to warm from the inside. It takes only a small amount of focus
to concentrate on a specific area internally and heat it by opening your mind to
accessing the energy around you to assist as opposed to using all your own energy stores.
Once you have sufficiently heated the correct areas you will use you own energy to use
your blood to carry the heat throughout your system. Slowing your heart rate is also key
to a sustainable long period of warmth. I have precise instructions on how to do