this,once you have mastered it for yourself you will be able to use your own talent to
influence the ability of those with you to open their minds enough to accept that they
will have to learn this way to keep warm.
Please remember to use whatever knowledge you have already to keep warm, this
serves a purpose of familiarity for your mind and
lowers levels of resistance as it may
interpret the results of the new learning as being a direct result of the learning. It allows
the mind to be fooled and it does very much to assist in maintaining the work being done
on the inside. You may at any point revisit what has been communicated here, you need
only but ask. Before you are shown how to focus the energy around you to create
warmth, being careful not to steal any energy from others around you seeking warmth,
would you like to hear some tips on using the physical objects around you to create a
better shelter for you that will let out the stale air but keep in the warmth?'
Kim said yes instantly, she would be very grateful to get the instruction of both but she
knew that she would have her hands full teaching the children how to do what she
herself would have only just learnt, so she decided to get the physical stuff out of the
way first. She was instructed to alter the atmosphere in the cabin for a few of the
children so that they would assist her as she needed. There were only three who were in
any state to help her, she chose them as it was easier to guide them. The highly
emotional ones were too closed off and would require too much energy and the injured
would just end up getting more injured in the long run.
The three helpers were keen to assist and Kim used that state to manoeuvre them
around the cabin so that each one was at a specific area that required them to do
something. Kim noticed that the three of them immediately got a boost of energy
came directly from feeling useful by actually doing something and not sitting around and
waiting. She had a smirk on her face because for someone as young as she was, this was