that smile of reassurance and turned his attention back to the stage. Kim looked at her
Dad and he gave her a nod and a smile that seemed to confirm for her what was just
confirmed for me.
I sat back again and listened and looked once more at the wondrous music and light
flowing everywhere. I could sense the song was coming to an end as the colours faded,
although not completely and I came back from that space I was in. I had changed at
some level, I could feel that space and see the light still, albeit faintly, but with the
knowledge that I could return fully whenever I chose, all I would have to do is remember
the tune and go into it.
And then my brain took over and the questions came flooding in, I felt light headed and
thought I might pass out again. The song came to an end and the Pelican stepped back
into the choir behind her. The audience exploded into applause. I almost forgot that
nearly all of us were still crying, this was a new kind of crying for me, very strange, but
liked it. Jet came bobbing in just at the right time to replenish our drinks with new ones.
“These will make you feel a bit better, it always helps the first timers,” he winked and
handed Kim and I fresh coconut drinks with a thick yellow liquid inside.
He deftly took up our empty drinks and moved off turning to blow a kiss to Kayla and
disappear before she had time to react. Her beak broke into a smile that she tried to
hide. I could still see her yellow glow and it was moving into a deeper shade of pink. She
looked at me and I immediately focused intensely on my drink. I was smiling. “If you tell
anyone I will hunt you down and tickle you until you wet yourself” she whispered to me.
We both burst out laughing.
The choir exited the stage and the entire mood changed, everyone was smiling and the
worries everyone had were not as severe as first thought. A fair amount of time must
have passed because the sun had moved quite bit since the choir had begun, there was