a revelation. It clicked within her and she immediately stored the information in the
long term memory section of her brain.
The energy string she accessed for help instructed her that she needed to make a small
opening in the floor of the cabin near the back, there would be mechanic compartment
doors in the flooring she would
be able to pry open a bit. The idea was to control the
flow of air and cold so that it was not random and did not cause more discomfort than
was necessary. She got one of her helper to muscle open the trap door and then they
shoved a plastic box, that dislodged from the cabin wall during the mayhem to prop it
open just enough to let the air that was coming in rush out. It worked quite nicely. Next
Kim was instructed to move the group so they were right up against the front of the
cabin, past the windows. This had them out of the way of the flow of cold that was
going on. Then they tore as much cloth from the seats that they could using a carpet
knife she had in her backpack and stuck it up with the remaining duct tape all around
the front of the cabin walling to act as insulation. This took some time but the work was
heating the four of them up so she didn't mind.
Lastly she was instructed to use the rope in her bag to string up a frame around them
that tapered upwards and then fasten the blankets they found earlier on the string. This
essentially equated into a tent that tapered off to the top. There was just enough room
inside for them to sit and the injured to lie down. They folded the bottoms of the
blankets that were on the floor inwards and sat on them to keep air from getting in. The
small opening at the top acted as circulation. Within minutes the air inside their
makeshift tent began to thicken and warm up. Everyone was still shivering but there
was a marked improvement that was assisted by the heat that the four of them had
built up doing all the work.
It wasn't going to keep them out of harm’s way indefinitely but Kim felt that they had
bought themselves a lot more time than they initially had and they were also now a lot