more comfortable and hence calmer which made her background task of controlling the
atmosphere that much easier. Kim felt the knowledge that wanted to be imparted to
her about keeping warm on the inside push on the edge of her energy string. She felt
the urgency of it. It wanted to get a move on whilst everyone was feeling more
comfortable. She let it in, sitting with her back upon the wall of the cabin they had
tented themselves against. At first there was not much happening but slowly there was
a discernible vibration running alongside hers. As she paid more attention to it the more
in tune with it she became, like two runners who end up matching each others stride
when they run together. She found a rhythm with the knowledge and when she was
striding along next to it with ease and zero effort it took her consciousness on a little
trip inside her body, a trip she was not expecting and it took her breathe away.
The first thing she came to know was that there was no difference between science and
spirituality, they were in that moment one and the same, both areas in their complete
essence were together a correct interpretation of the surroundings. On their own they
were only one side of the story. She came to know this because there was no voice, only
a deep knowing and understanding that came from accessing the universal library, so to
speak. Kim was then taken on a journey through her body, through every section and
cell, through every bone and drop of blood. She zipped through her body and
recognised many of the organs and areas, but there were more that she could not
recognise or name, and when she tried to get the information she was shown that it was
not the reason for her current tour and that she would have to curb her curiosity if she
was to learn what
she needed to know. It took considerable effort to rein in her natural
After the quick tour her consciousness hovered in two sections of her body at the same
time, her heart space and her ankles. Here she found herself marvelling over the
complex nerve endings that carried a massive amount of electrical energy in the ankles
and the nurturing heart that was a heavenly construct of science and spirituality that