had more power than she could ever imagine. She was learning two things at the same
time. In her ankles she came to know that the energy she could draw from her
surroundings would be able to increase the nerve pulse and fire up bursts of energy that
can be focused to the areas of the body that the blood circulates through that are the
best for heating. She knew that firing up the pulses and sending them to the thighs
would heat up that area completely and the blood that moved through there would
carry the heat through the rest of her. The outside effects of the cold will then be
localised to
the exposed areas such as the face, hands and sometimes feet, which could
be kept warm from the outside in this instance.
Secondly she came to know that the heart, if it pumped fast, was a waste of energy and
would cause the blood to pump quicker through
the body. In this case the heart needed
to be slowed down so that the blood could pass slowly through the heated thighs and
properly carry the heat to the rest of the body. This slower more thorough way of
heating calmed the body down and eased excitement
and agitation that resulted in a
waste of energy. A slower pumping heart put less stress on the biological constructs of
the heart itself which was beneficial for the long term. She came to know all of this at
once and it amazed her.
Her attention now turned to how this was to be done. Everything had an energy string, a
vibration, and by employing the same manner in which the knowledge that came to her
did, people could stride alongside the energy string until they found their own rhythm. It
could then be pulled into the users own energy tune and used, in this case, to power up
the nerve bundles in the ankles. It's the immediate boost provided by doing this that is
key. Kim came to know that to slow the heart requires an understanding of the science
and biology of the muscles of the heart, find the connections and inject them with
awareness and consciousness and through that she could control the muscles in the
same manner that she can send an electric pulse instruction message to her leg muscles
from her
brain to walk or run. This realisation was wonderful to her and to know how to