do it was so simple and so easy that she had no idea why she had not thought of it
before. She realised that she even had the ability to stop her heart completely but as
she realised this she knew it was a bad idea to even think about it, never mind try it.
This was all great she thought to herself. Great indeed, but how the hell was she going
to teach this to the rest of the group? And then she knew. She would access their energy
strings and take them on a similar journey, they trusted her, she had the ability to guide
the atmosphere, and she was the only one who could do it safely. Kim did not have any
questions, she needed no more clarity. She felt her own energy store deplete a little at
the very thought of showing each child how to keep themselves warm in the worst
weather to hit Europe in one hundred years. She also knew that to keep the background
atmosphere manipulation going would be the toughest thing she will ever have
to do.
The worst part was that she needed to show each child separately, and the injured
would require special handling as they would need to be shown simple pain
management techniques first. The longer she sat and thought about it the worse it got,
so she immediately jumped into action.
Kim said a silent prayer and started with the strongest of the children. She wanted to
get the strongest done first so that once they had learnt what was needed and if
something happened to her, they would be able to physically assist the others for
hopefully long enough for help to arrive. It took a considerable amount of effort to keep
the atmosphere running and to also turn her attention to one individual at a time. Kim
knew she had to start small, take her time, push out a little and pull back a little, like
rolling waves, until she gathered enough momentum to keep a rhythm going that was as
self-sustaining as could be.
The strongest was a twelve year old boy named Grant, he had a small bruise on his knee
from hitting the seat in front of him during the crash. She found his strong energy string
and grabbed hold of it gently. He adjusted to the atmosphere she created very easily