and Kim noticed that it was the older children that felt fear more intensely at the start
of an event and the younger children who felt it more intensely as time passed. She
assumed it was because they reacted to the older children and saw if they were fearful
then they themselves are in danger and need to fear what is happening. Fear was like a
virus that spread rapidly and without discrimination. She had never paid much attention
to fear, but she did now, she knew it needed to be dealt with.
Kim's awareness travelled around Grant’s being and she noticed that he was also
harbouring an ankle injury which he had put aside in an attempt to help those around
him. She focused her attention to the area. There was a small fracture which was
causing some swelling and a large amount of discomfort. Kim sent as much of her
intention to ease the pain to Grant as she could, she managed to numb the pain, but it
would only be temporary, enough for her to have his full undivided attention. She then
withdrew her focus and then surrendered to her own knowledge. She set her intention
to teach Grant what she had learned and she set the intuition to hurry about it as he
was getting colder and colder as time passed which meant so were the rest.
Kim held onto her energy as it split into two and concentrated on the heart and ankles
of Grant. She then held on even tighter as it drew in his awareness to both areas
simultaneously. There was immediate resistance and Kim used her ability to set tone
and mood to alter his resistance based on fear to natural curiosity, something every
child had, even every adult. Within no time
his energy string was adapting to the new
awareness he was feeling and the curiosity became real so Kim was able to refocus on
how she was now going to show him what he needed to do. She merely asked what the
best way for Grant to learn was, how would he best respond to learning something that
would seem unnatural to him. He was a visual learner, so Kim sent the instruction to her
own self to show him visually what needed to be done. She immediately flew through
the areas of the body they were focusing on and showed him what was taking place.