She felt the light turn on within him as he saw how easy it was once you knew how. He
couldn't believe he had never done this before. It was as if he had known how to do this
all along but somehow forgot about it. Within seconds he was pulling energy from all
around him and heating and cooling himself from the inside. Kim realised her mistake
immediately and told him to stop pulling the energy from the people around him. She
showed him the correct way of dialling into
the energy of all the other things around
He was very eager and started to push his energy out beyond the cabin to find stronger
energy sources. Kim gently pulled him back and lightly reprimanded him to take baby
steps and keep practicing with items in the immediate vicinity of the cabin. What he
actually stumbled on was that the cold had energy in it, but to access it for heat took
more energy to do so it was a waste of time. She made a note for future reference and
made sure Grant did too, although she had a feeling he already had. Once Kim was
satisfied that he was able to carry on without her and that his enthusiasm was enough
to keep him busy for a while to come she completely withdrew from him, her
atmosphere manipulation too. He gave a slight
start when he came too and like wiping
sleep from his eyes he started to think maybe he had just dreamt it all up. Kim
immediately assured him it was real, she could feel the fear trying to take hold.
She told him to keep it going. He closed his eyes and carried on. His efforts were even
more intense now that he was fully in his own space, he started to smile broadly, an
electric smile. Kim reminded him that he was injured, which he had completely
forgotten. She needed to as he may have injured himself more if he attempted to move
around without awareness. She encouraged him to move to the outskirts of the circle of
children around them so she could get started on the next child. Grant was stunned that
she had to do each teaching individually. Kim told him it was the task she had accepted,
he just needed to keep himself warm because by doing so he was also heating the inside
of the tent and that would keep their extremities warm. Kim watched as he made