himself comfortable at the edge of the circle and made
sure he rested his leg safely.
Once he was completely focused she moved onto her next subject.
Each one was slightly different and each one took longer and longer, especially the
younger and more injured they were. The injured found it very difficult to
focus on
anything but their pain and so it was up to Kim to use her own energy to numb the pain
enough for them to get into a learning state. Some of them just drained her so much
that it was even difficult to breathe, but she knew what was at stake and she just kept
on soldiering forward. Once they got the hang of it, each one hit the realisation of just
how easy it was to do and as it was a novelty for them now it became fun, so they
automatically did not need her atmospheric manipulation anymore. The younger ones
instinctively grouped themselves together and it was like a little energy tea party at a
friend’s house. They even started to compare each others energy strings and moved
around each other so much that it was a tangle of new energy and excitement.
Kim however was taking more and more strain and the youngest of them all just had an
incessant amount of questions that drove her dilly, it was all she could do not to scream
in frustration. Through all of this Kim did not notice that she had been neglecting her
own body and her own core temperature. She was busy with the last child, a six year old
boy who had suffered a severe blow to the chest, he had three broken ribs and was in
danger of a collapsed lung. It took every ounce of her spirit to show him what he needed
to do to keep safe and still. He would not be able to keep himself warm, he needed to
keep an eye on his broken ribs and make sure they did not pierce his lungs. He also
needed to numb the muscle pain and bruising but not the pain that would show him
when he was in danger. Once she had done this she turned back to Grant and another
older child she had attended to first. They had been practicing for quite some time and
were now able to spread some of the heat they were generating to the badly injured
boy. She instructed them to keep him as warm as they could and they gladly obliged.