Kim surveyed the atmosphere in the cabin, it was upbeat and spirited. The kids knew
they were in a dire situation but the hope they had gained from their newfound
knowledge was just as contagious as rapid spreading fear. Kim was confident they would
be okay and that they would look after the injured as well as themselves. Her fingers,
feet and entire face were numb. She felt completely frozen. She surveyed the sick boy
once more and made sure she had not missed anything.
When she was happy, she sank back into the blanket wrapped around her shoulders.
The last child was done. She had no idea that the whole process took her over thirteen
hours to complete. Her focus caused her to forget about herself and she was now
paying the price. She tried to dial into her tune to reenergise but she just couldn't. She
was so cold, it was actually beyond her comprehension. She gave up.
Kim imagined lying in a warm sunlit spot on
a beach in Spain. The kids would be okay.
She lay on the floor now, pulling the blanket around her blue and pain ridden body. A
few of the kids shuffled in their seated positions over to her. She saw some of them
reach out to her and put their wonderfully
warm hands on her. She closed her eyes and
smiled. The gorgeous feeling of sleep was beckoning and the exhaustion hailed it in like
dry soil did water. She knew she shouldn't do it, that it was dangerous, probably life
threatening, definitely life threatening, but she did anyway, they were safe, at least she
could go now, help was on its way, in fact it had already arrived in the form of what they
had learnt. Kim fell hard into sleep and everything went black.
PART 2 Chapter 20:
I was sitting in my room on my bed when I felt it. I was keeping a keen eye on Kim while
practicing my own energy wrapping technique. I knew I was not allowed to interfere but
I stayed far in the background and also made sure that I did not overstep any
boundaries. It was just too
difficult to let it lie, especially after the exciting story the
twins had told me. It also scared the living daylights out of me and I was really anxious