about Kim. Turns out I was right. She had been pushing herself really hard for the past
sixteen hours but the level of impact it was having on her she had hid very well. I had no
idea until she fell into sleep that she was in real danger.
I immediately jumped into action. I grabbed hold of her energy string and followed it, it
was fading fast. I had to hurry. As I moved through to her consciousness I felt two
familiar presences with me.
"Don't act so surprised Matt, we have been keeping an eye on her too," said John. I was
not at all surprised to be honest. I actually expected them to be around and I was glad
for it.
“Really?” I asked, “both of you?” John caught what I was alluding to.
“Indeed sonny Jim, it’s hard to explain but I can sort of see when we are moving around
this way. It’s not like usual but I can see the energy of things and that gives me the
picture in my head.”
"Yip, and Kayla is going to have a fit when she finds out what we are doing," said Phil.
"Oh she already knows, trust me, she knows everything," I said back to them as the
three of us raced alongside each other to help Kim. It was like a consciousness party
with all the children from the carriage around her. By the time we got to Kim she was in
deep trouble and I was nearly in a flat panic. It was as if I was just staring at a wreck that
had hypnotised me and I was unable to move. From the back of my mind I heard a noise
getting louder and louder.