"Matthew!" eventually it shouted. It was Phil.
"Huh?" I managed.
"You can’t help her like this buddy, you need to step away. John and I can't get to her
with you covering her energy string. You're all over it, which is good for protection but
useless to help her. Back away, now!" he shouted.
I was in a trance like state, I had gone into some natural overpowering mode that was
very very strong. I managed to pull myself back for a split second which was enough
time for Phil and John to muscle their way in and get straight to work. I had no idea
what they were going to do, I had no idea what I was going to do. The three of us just
sped to her without even knowing what we were going to do. A few minutes passed and
I was milling around in the background like a lost puppy. I expected more from myself. I
caught vague snippets of what John and Phil were doing, they were wrapping
themselves around Kim's energy and trying to wake her up. I also felt the children who
were with her send her heat and it was working, but was it enough? Maybe it was too
little too late. I felt like getting involved, forcing my way in to protect her but I fought it
off, I knew it would only hamper things.
Precious minutes passed and I did not know what to do. I literally cried out in
desperation for help. To my surprise there was a reply.
"We hear you Matthew. We are having trouble getting to the carraige. There is a
mountain of snow out here and it's spreading the energy every which way, we can't get
a hold on Kim to get a direct location. Can you help us?" it was one of the extraction
team members.