definitely no sense of time during the music. I guessed it was late afternoon already, but
the need to know had been lifted from me completely. Dad whispered something to Kim
and with a nod and a smile she changed places with him.
“Hey kiddo, you know I love you hey?” Dad asked.
“Yes Dad, I love you too” I could feel the emotion coming through the words. Normally it
was a standard automatic response, but in this place it was a little different. Dad smiled
at me and I could see a pale blue haze floating happily around him.
“It is very important
that you try not to think too much about what has happened today.
I know you and you think a lot my boy, thinking of this nature is your brains way of
trying to make sense out of something. We have spoken on this subject many times, do
you remember?”
“I do”, I said, knowing exactly what he was talking about. Dad had always said to me
that my brain makes sense of things based on the way I have taught it to. Circumstance,
exposure and choice, three words he drilled into me from when I was a baby. It was not
the kind of thing that made sense to my friends mind you. “You have always said that
when new things happen, trying to make sense of them is not always the right thing to
do. Don’t use your brain on
the situation, let the situation open the locked doors in your
brain instead. Did I get it right?” I asked. I had heard this so many times and I felt I never
needed to make sense of it, it was just Dad trying to teach me some adult stuff as per
usual. Today was different though.
“Yes, you have got it my boy. Your brain must be used for what it was intended, a tool
for survival and learning. You stand behind your brain, your mind, you always have and
always will. Makes sure that when you think about today you see the truth that you
know is there. This truth will shine on the parts of your mind so that you can see what is