"Of course I can, just tell me what to do," I replied eagerly.
"We need you to reign in everyone's string so that they are aligned, parallel, can you do
that?" he asked.
"I will try," I said.
"No, you cannot try, you have to do it, the weather here is............you don't understand,
we literally only have a few minutes before we have to high tail it out of here. Now
buckle down, get your game face on and do it! We will be able to find it from there." He
practically screamed at me. It gave me a fright and I was startled into action.
In all, there were twenty three energy strings flying around like hose pipes that had
been turned on and left to whip around like green snakes. I started with the easier ones
and focused on pulling them into line. It was easier than I expected as the same state I
was in when I wanted to wrap around Kim and protect
her was what I needed to use to
force around all the energies together. I got to about fifteen when it started to fall apart.
I could feel the pressure mounting as precious seconds slipped past and one at a time
the strings came loose. At ten I gritted my
teeth and let out an almighty roar of
frustration. The strings around me stopped in mid movement and I pounced upon them
collectively. I felt like I had just shouted at a bunch of unruly children and my authority
was now stamped firmly upon them. From there it took only a suggestion to the energy
string in question and it moved into place of its own accord. Within about five minutes I
was done and sent out a ping to let the extraction team know.
I neatened up the energy strings and kept a close eye on them as well as the three of
John, Kim and Phil, there was no change in Kim's, which was a good thing that it was still
there and that it had not gotten any worse. All three of us felt the extraction team break
into the carraige from above through what felt like a tunnel of snow. They immediately