set to work. None of them however could get the three of us away enough to do their
work, no matter how hard they tried, we were glued in place. Luckily for them we were
taken away by the strongest teacher we had ever known.
"If you three do not stop meddling in other people's affairs right this instant I swear I
will flogg each of you within an inch of your lives! Now back off! ..............Now!" Kayla
yelled at us. There was a snap as our energies pulled back instantly and we all flew back.
"Settle, settle," she said in a softer tone. As she focused on the three of us. I needed to
snap you out of it, once someone goes into protective mode it's like trying to get a
bulldog to let go of a bone. The extraction team will take it from here. I will keep you
informed of Kim's progress, please leave her and let her rest. I will tell her you send your
love." She paused and then spoke again.
"The three of you have done a brave thing today, granted you didn't know the dangers,
but it was brave none the less. You should be proud of yourselves. Now you two twin
twits need to get back because you are still in recovery and there are some kids and
animals being kept at bay who are enquiring as to your wellbeing. I do not want to have
to tell them that you survived your ordeals only to perish from something as minor as a
cold, off you go." Phil and John pulled back and gave me a quick "see you later mate" as
they disappeared.
"As for you young man, well, the weather where Kim is has had global impact and your
task is about to start, you must return now. And well done my child. What you just did
was very rare and saved many lives. Now go and God speed boy!" she pushed me back
as I rushed home to where I sat cross legged on my bed. The rain was pelting the
window with a ferocity I had never experienced before. It scared me. The light in the
passage was on, that meant Dad and Sue were awake. I shook myself off, still worried
about Kim. At least she was in good hands now. I was still
wondering what Kayla was