talking about when she said that the weather in England had global impact. I jumped off
the bed and went into the lounge, I could hear the TV, a man was talking in a hushed
voice. Dad and Sue were on the couch, on the edge of their seats. They turned to look at
me, I could see they were surprised that I was awake at this late hour.
"You okay my boy? What happened?" Dad asked, he could see something was up.
"We had to help Kim," I replied, moving to sit next to him. "It was rough
Dad, really
rough," I felt the lump in my throat and tears roll down my cheeks. Sue put her arm
around me.
"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked.
"Nope," I said, wiping my eyes. "I will be okay, what's happening here?" I asked pointing
at the television. There was a panel of men around a horse shoe table in a TV studio
somewhere and it looked like they were discussing some part of the ocean. Dad didn't
answer at first, he looked at Sue and then at the TV and then at Sue again. She nodded.
Dad looked me in the eyes. "It's the great conveyer my boy. It's stopped. And with it our
task is about to start." I had heard of the great conveyer, it carried warm waters to
Europe and allowed for a liveable climate. My understanding was that if it stopped,
Europe would be plunged into an ice age within a matter of years. By the sounds of it,
the time period had been grossly overestimated.
I didn't sleep much at
all over the next few hours. I was worried about Kim and she was
pretty much out of bounds. Dad had said my task was about to start, he didn't know
much about it other than to be ready when it did begin. Sounded like he would probably
be driving me to whatever location I was needed in. All of this and the incessant rain
made it very difficult to switch any part of my brain off. Phil and John popped in for a