quick word to see if I had heard anything about Kim. The three of us were in the dark.
Phil and John
were at the hospital and by the sounds of it Phil was permanently blind.
We all pretty much suspected it and Phil was quite happy not to be the focus of our
attention and concern. He was determined to get on with whatever was in front of him
regardless. Besides, Zig was proving to be a very helpful companion for him, and for
John that matter. I smiled at the relationship that had formed between them all. It made
my heart sing to see that such things were possible beyond the island.
I managed to start dozing at about seven n the morning, the hypnotic sound of the rain
was doing its job. At midday day Dad came into my room with a look on his face that
said a thousand words. I roused from my sleepy state and sat with him at the small table
in my room. He handed me a cup of tea.
"We need to make a decision about something, you and I," he said. I had a feeling I
knew what it was about.
"I can see that," I replied calmly, deciding to see where he was going with the whole
"Hmmmmm," came the response. He took a sip of his coffee and starred over the rim of
the cup at me.
"When did you turn into a teenager exactly?" it was a rhetorical question and I knew
better than to reply.
I took a sip of my tea and just smiled my usual cheeky smile that drove him up
the wall.
Dad sighed and his shoulders slumped a little. I didn’t know why, but it gave me a fair
deal of satisfaction knowing I could do this. I also knew the fact that I did it and enjoyed
doing it meant it was probably not something I should be doing.