"You and I both know that your task is at hand," he started, "and you are scheduled to
go back to your mother’s house today." I knew it. I knew he wanted to talk about mom
and about what was going on. "I cannot make up any more excuses my boy, she already
suspects something is up and if she gets the wrong idea then it could cause some
damage. I have spoken with Kayla and she agrees with me. I need to know what you
think before we make any decisions, this impacts on you just as much as the rest of us
and I want it to be your decision, can you handle that?" the question came as a bit of a
"Yes I can," I said. I knew we would have to tell her at some stage so I was prepared for
it. What I was not prepared for was that I would make the decision. It reinforced the fact
that my innocent days as a child who had the luxury of all his decisions being made for
him were well and truly over. As Dad said, I put my game face on and made a decision, it
felt good. It also caused a ripple effect that required more decisions. We made them
together in my room at my table on a very very wet and important day.
We decided that we would tell her together and that, as she was a person who needs to
see something to believe it, we would enlist the services of Kayla and my cowry bracelet.
I would even go so far as to demonstrate my own ability to see what she was thinking to
force home the truth. From there it would be easier to have her prepare for whatever
was coming and to make sure that everyone we held dear was kept from harms way.
Dad had already made preparations to speak to his side of the family over the next few
days, just to be aware and alert. It was going to be interesting to say the least. Once we
had our plan in place Dad and I gathered up Caitlin who had as usual
been climbing all
over Sue and Hannah, who was practically our sister although Dad was still to officially
ask Sue to marry him.