Dad had a few quick words with Sue that I could not hear, but by the sounds of it she
was preparing to gather all the family
on her side together and head of to a safe location.
Where, I did not know.
The drive to mom’s house was slow and nervous. The rain had caused havoc on the
roads and it was dangerous enough trying to see where we were going never mind
watching out for other motorists. When we got to moms house we all clambered in
quickly to avoid getting drenched, it only worked a little. She made some tea and Dad
and I sat with her around her dining room table. Caitlin had run off to play with her
puppy in her room. Dad
never stayed for tea so mom was a bit surprised when he said
yes to the offer. We sat looking at our cups, she was a little perplexed as she could see
that something was up. I broke the silence.
"We have something to tell you mom, and it's going to be out of the ordinary for you to
understand so don't freak out, just listen and know that I have made every decision
regarding this without interference or pressure, so please respect that, okay?" She was
slightly shocked by my tone and I could see that she was wrestling with two things. How
had I grown up so quickly and what had my father done this time. The silver words
floated around her head like alphabet ghosts. I had not used my ability on her, it
wrong to do it, like I was stealing money out of her purse.
The best way I knew how to start was to tell her what she was thinking. Every time a
thought appeared in silvery words around her head I told her what she was thinking.
The more she tried to hide it the more prominent the words became as they literally
vibrated around her. She stood up as if to leave, but she realised she had nowhere to go
and her curiosity was getting the better of her, she sat back down. That was when Dad
stepped in and gave her a rundown of what happened in Mozambique. She was visibly
shocked and taken aback but after some time she saw that the whole thing was pretty
amazing and was quite open to receiving the information. Things got a little different