when the story turned into what it was at the moment and that we had a task to do that
would put us in harms way. In fact she nearly exploded when she heard about the
danger I had already put myself in. She also completely overreacted and gave Dad a
mouthful. It took all my ability to calm her down so that I could explain to her what
needed to happen.
She had a million questions and they were overtaking her ability to rationally process
the information. She was already jumping to major conclusions and was almost at the
where the world was about to come to a complete standstill. She started to
hyperventilate and I felt the room contract as the panic set in. I was just about to step in
when Dad quite literally put his foot down. With a huge stomp he shattered the panic
and sent a ripple of energy outwards that obliterated and troubled frequencies in its
path. It was quite a bit like getting a cold bucket of water poured over you. The only
thing was that it hit everything in its path. I just stared at Dad, a little grin on my face.
"What? You didn't think you were the only one with a talent or two did you?" he winked
at me. Mom was standing at the table with her jaw wide open. Caitlin came into the
room, looked straight at Dad and asked nicely that he please don't do that again as she
didn't like it. She then promptly walked back to her room with her puppy under one arm
singing a little tune. Sometimes she irritated me to death but I just loved her so. Dad
and I burst out laughing. Mom still stood with her mouth open. I sighed and turned to
"Mom, this is bigger than any one of us. I have chosen not to sit back and let it be
someone else's problem or responsibility. I see too many of us doing that and my friends
and I have been allowed to have ourselves be chosen for this very important time. And
we are not the only ones, there are other Pioneers out there who are doing what they
need to do so that the world can wake up. So we can all
wake up. We are doing this.
This will happen. Whether you accept it or not makes no difference to what takes place,