but we need you mom, we need your help." I didn't know where it came from but I
didn't need to. I just knew it worked, it got through to her. She stopped fighting and
surrendered as best she could to what was going on. From that
point it became easier to
discuss with her what was going on. I learnt a thing or two as Dad had made some
preparations he had not mentioned to me.
"You need to get a few things together and take Caitlin and yourself to your parents in
Magalies. Their location is high enough not to be affected by the weather. Get everyone
on your side of the family out there by the weekend, put in as much leave as you have
at work and hang out there until you hear from us, can you do that?" Dad asked her. His
caused her to worry again and the panic nearly started to build but at least
she managed it on her own.
"The weather is going to get worse and worse as far as I know. It's not safe here in the
city. This is all I know so please don't ask me what is going to happen. All I Know is that I
am transport for Matthew," Dad said. His words confirmed what I had already suspected.
I knew that we were going to be navigating the weather to various locations around
Gauteng and Johannesburg in particular. I had a feeling about it for the past few hours
already. I also knew the weather was not going to let up. Mom asked Dad where we
would be going.
"We will be at my father’s farm in Tshwane," he replied. Grandpa had a farm not far
from the city. I loved it out there and I was thrilled to hear we would be spending some
time there. As I pictured the farm and his round cheerful face I was struck with another
bout of knowing. When mom asked what we would be doing there Dad shook his head
as he did not fully know. I answered
"We will be using it as a gathering area. It seems we will be dropping off people there,
and not just us by the looks of things. There are some other Pioneers here too who will