be helping." Again the answer just came to me, which was not disturbing at all. What
was disturbing was the thought that occurred to me. I looked at Dad. "Does Grandpa
know about this?" I asked. Dad’s eyes said it all. Looks like we were going to have to
take a little drive out there, and soon too. Dad agreed. I saw the expletive form around
his head followed by the words 'we need to get out there and speak to him, today'. I
Looked at mom, she was still digesting everything that had happened, but it looked like
she was accepting what needed to be done for now and was already moving into action.
She still wanted more answers though and I made a commitment to take her to see the
Pelicans when this was all over so that she could experience the wonders of this life
first-hand like I did.
Dad wanted to speak to mom alone for a bit to discuss some logistics. That kind of thing
bored me so I volunteered to speak to Caitlin about what would be happening. It was
more of a non-negotiable point. I didn't want any of them to ‘over-adult’ the
conversation for her. She was smarter than any of them knew and she loved playing the
young child but all along she was just making them dance around like puppets. I found
her in the room where she was trying to explain to Rambo the puppy that if he wanted
to learn to count properly he would have to use
her fingers because she could move
them better than he could move his toes on his paws, and she had more fingers so he
would be able to count higher. Rambo looked at her with an inquisitive look on his face.
I dearly wished that Phil or John were with me so I could hear what he was saying or
I sat on the floor opposite her and got ready to tell her a very basic and simple version
of what was going to happen and what she needed to do. She always surprised me, it
was one of her favourite things to
"Don't worry Matty, I will look after mommy and you will look after daddy and they will
look after us. What could go wrong?" she smiled at me and at that point I knew I didn't