real.” This kind of speak was what Dad had always done with me and it was hard not to
let it sort of go in the one ear and out the other.
Not because I did not want to listen but because in part I knew what he meant and he
had a knack of trying to repeat himself until he was sure I got what he was saying. “It is
especially important that you try not to use your brain to make sense of what is going to
be said on stage,” he placed his hand on my shoulder and looked deeply at me, more
deeply than I have ever seen before, it actually frightened me a bit. “When the talking
starts just know that it is the truth, I promise you, okay?”
I looked back at him “Dad, I will do my best, I promise.” He nodded and turned back to
Kim who’d had the same conversation with George. She moved back next to me and I
felt that unfamiliar warmth creep back over me. Kayla put her hand on my leg, winked
at me as if to say “I know, so now you can’t say anything about Jet”. I nodded at her, I
swear I could almost hear her voice in my head.
She hopped down a step, stretched her wings and then made her way to the stage.
Kayla moved very gracefully for a Pelican, like a ballet dancer, it was quite a sight. I was
growing very fond of her, she still had the traces of pink around her, but as she got onto
the stage it turned to a fiery red and grew until it was all around her. The crowd became
silent. The red subsided to a passionate orange. Something clicked inside my head, this
was a neat trick, I was going to have to try it on Dad one day.
“Brethren, human brothers and sisters, and of course to all our newcomers,” she shot a
quick Pelican smile at Kim and I, as well as some of the other kids “Welcome
to our
annual meeting!” there was a round of applause and some well-placed wolf whistles, I
wondered if Pelican’s could wolf whistle. “Thank you to our choirs for opening so
beautifully, bless you brothers and sisters, bless you. Next up is General Michael who
will deliver the current-state address. Kayla moved off to the side and a huge Pelican