time of the call and just said he had been expecting us and we needed to get there as
soon as possible. I then asked my next logical
"Does Grandpa have contact with the Pelicans Dad?" it was a simple question but an
important one that Dad took a while to answer.
"When I was your age Matt, Grandpa took me to the island too. Things were different
back then though. It was not a situation that was as dire as now," he answered.
"How so?" I asked.
"I, we, were to prepare for things that would only happen much later in life. This is very
different from you and your group who have to prepare for things happening right now.
We were
to prepare in a way to make sure that you were all kept safe and nurtured as
you would be the ultimate bearers of the tasks that needed to happen. There were of
course many smaller tasks we had to perform in between. There was a stage where all
of this could have been avoided and many of us and our Pioneers and their guardians
fought hard and for a long time. They nearly achieved their goals, but in the end only
small differences were made and the earth was still being damaged.
"It was Grandpa's generation that nearly achieved critical mass but fell just short. And so
it was left up to my generation to prepare for your generation as this is where the
change would happen. This is where the world will be forced to change or perish as it
currently is." It made sense to me and I appreciated his honesty. I knew that the change
was upon us and for whatever reason it was us, all of us who were on that island and all
the others who were in the numerous other locations, to carry out our tasks so that the
options for
the future were available. We needed to make sure that humanity could
choose at all. It was a huge thought to come to terms with, but I had had some practice
over the past few months.