"Was your primary task to have me?" I asked blatantly.
"In a way, yes
it was, but I had no idea at the time that it was. Kayla explained to me on
the island that if I had known it was then I may have changed the outcome by trying too
hard or pushing you in a direction that you were not supposed to go in. It was best to let
nature direct the show. It makes sense when you consider how much of a control freak I
am," he chuckled.
I had often heard Dad say that the best thing he learnt was that a person can meet their
destiny on the road they travel to avoid it. He told me that it if things were going to
happen, then would it not be best to have them happen in the light of the world and not
in the darkness of uncertainty. He also told me he learnt all of this from Kung Fu Panda
and How to Train Your Dragon, his two favourite movies ever. I really loved the old guy,
even if he was quite off his rocker sometimes.
I was happy with the answers and I appreciated that Dad trusted me enough to handle
the truth. What I was not able to handle was that there was a complete block around
and that no matter how I tried and how much Phil and John tried, we just couldn't
get through to her or Kayla to get some answers. We just had to trust that she was in
the best hands.
"Still no word?" Dad asked.
"Nope," I responded.
"How about some music to take your mind off of it for a bit?" he asked. I nodded. Dad
put on some Offspring and for the next hour as we navigated through to Pretoria on the
wet roads of Gauteng we bobbed our heads back and forth and appreciated the
wonderful gift of rock music. We made it to the dirt roads of Grandpa's farm with no