incidents, but it was still a difficult journey. Dad's face lit up as we hit the muddy dirt
road, he always appreciated taking his little Jeep through its paces. It made his heart
race I guess. I just gripped the armrest of my seat and waited for it to be over. I didn't
care much for adrenaline charged situations, but I wasn't about to spoil Dad's fun. I
always waited until he asked 'now wasn't that fun' to make my feelings known.
It took us a further twenty minutes to make it to the front gate, after getting stuck twice
and Dad having to winch us out both times using nearby trees trunks. The smile on his
face as he did this was good to see. He knew better than to ask me to get out and help.
That would just put a damper on my mood for the rest of the day. I stayed out of his
little adventure and he respected that. Thank goodness. Grandpa was waiting for us at
the second gate to the driveway up to the main house. He was shaking his head and
smiling. I heard him shout as we drove past that we should have called him to come
help. I could see where Dad got it from. I got out the car and gave Grandpa a big hug in
the rain. No matter how I tried I still could never get my arms around his big belly. He
seemed to be getting bigger and bigger every time we saw him.
It was dark and gloomy but through the greyness I could make out some new shapes on
the edges of the property before it disappeared into wild grass. There were quite a few,
looks like Grandpa had been busy since we last saw him. He gave Dad a big bear hug and
we quickly moved inside the old farmhouse. The smell and character of the place always
made me feel at home. I really loved it here. By the look of all the action going on in the
kitchen I could tell we would be spending the night. In fact it looked like there were
more than just us spending the night, more than just one night actually.
"What's going on here old guy?" Dad asked Grandpa as he hung his coat on the hook on
the front door that opened directly onto the big kitchen. There were huge pots on the
multiple stove plates, old and new. The farmhands were busy all round and the food
they were preparing was being monitored by the chief cook. Grandpa motioned us to